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how to change the world and (really) mean it

when I was in high school I hated all the career-path drama that filled senior days, the endless questions directed at sorting you into your box. no-one knows who they want to be at seventeen. well, almost no-one. even though my career aptitude test verified it as one of my top three careers, I didn't know how to say out-loud at that age, "I want to be a Priestess." but I did. I wanted to speak the truth, stand for what I believe in, help people, save the planet, change the world... I wanted to spend my life tirelessly pursuing the causes I believe in. back then I was most afraid to speak of this life path to authority figures because I had no idea where or how to start. there are no temples or colleges, no Avalon, no cushy housing on Capitoline hill. and so after a few years into adulthood I stopped thinking about my life path as a career or even possibility; I tried to forget. but a life-path is a life-path, and the Universe wasn't going to let me forget.

a decade later I find myself rushing head first into the life of an Artist. I have found the voice with which to speak my truth, the ideals for which I stand, the vehicle through which I will help people, save the planet, and change the world. and if I stand back and look at what I plan to do, what I already am now doing, I must admit to myself, this is my way of being a Priestess. no matter how long I wandered in confusion and tried to forget, this path is my destiny and it will not be denied. I am an Artist and Activist, a Warrior Woman, a Priestess, a Speaker of the Truth. I cannot not be these things. No matter who it offends, or how rude I am perceived to be, I will not and cannot stop speaking these things. the causes and ideas I serve are too precious and the risks to them too great for me to keep silent. I cannot continue to aid the privileged in their ignorance.

I will no longer apologize for my beliefs. I will no longer look the other way. if I see something that everyone else seems to be or is ignoring, I'm gonna call it out. if you don't like it, don't listen. but realize that this is who I am. this is not a phase. this is not going to change. if you don't like it, you don't like me; and in that case, what are you still doing here?
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