Maya Preisler (girlwithagun) wrote,
Maya Preisler

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shades of Miss Neicy Nash

we drove to Greensboro last night to pick up my check. had a little bit of family time and watched the cutest show - CTRL. (thought it did bother me the whole time that he was on a mac keyboard.)

we wound up hanging out with A2 and Kcat, which was simply awesome. it's always funny, in the end, who your closest friends turn out to be. and yet, it feels pretty perfect. I don't think I've ever found such an easy pace in a group of friends. it's always so novel to spend time together. we do the simplest mundane things, but they are always accompanied by wonderful conversation and an amazing energy flow. it's just so comfortable. I'm very thankful to be friends with them, I'd hate to miss our wonderful time together. in a perfect world, we could all be neighbours and do this more often.
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